Field Trip

This year a field trip is organized on Saturday, October 14th to



This year the field trip will lead us to the Tunnel World in Steinach am Brenner, Tyrol (Western Austria), and to the construction site of an
exploratory tunnel of the Brenner Base Tunnel, including a huge cavern too.

The Tunnel World will offer its visitors exciting and unexpected views on the Brenner Base Tunnel Project, the construction of a 64 km long railway tunnel between Austria and Italy (Innsbruck and Franzensfeste). On an exhibition area of 800 m2, you can discover the largest tunnel project in Europe and explore the world of the Alps.

The access tunnel “Ahrental” has a total length of 5 km. At the end of this tunnel, a cavern with a size of 50 x 15 m and a height of 15 m has been excavated, needed for the assembly of a tunnel boring machine (TBM). The 15 km long exploratory tunnel towards Steinach am Brenner, starting at this cavern, is already under construction and will be completely excavated with the TBM. In summer 2015, heavy load transporters delivered all parts of the TBM, a so-called Gripper-TBM, to the construction site in Ahrental. In total, 76 single truckloads were necessary. The TBM has been designed exclusively for this construction site and features a length of 200 m. The cutter head has a diameter of approx. 8 m and the front is equipped with numerous disk cutters. With a contact pressure of 14,500 kN, the TBM cuts south through phyllites and schists. The tunnel support comprises conventional measures like shotcrete liner with reinforcement steel mesh, bolts and steel arches.

The excavation with the TBM started in the autumn of 2015. The end of the excavation work is planned for spring 2019.


Preliminary Schedule

08:00 Departure at the Salzburg Congress Center by bus
10:30 Arrival in Steinach am Brenner, visit of the Tunnel World
12:30 Departure to the restaurant “Lamm”, Matrei am Brenner
12:45 Lunch
14:15 Departure to the construction site in Ahrental
14:30 Visit of the construction site
17:00 Departure to Salzburg
19:30 Arrival Salzburg Congress


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