Accompanying Program

Thursday, October 12th 2017


Kremsmünster Abbey
In the year 777, the Bavarian duke Tassilo III founded the abbey. In the twentieth century, the abbey was continually extended and got his almost final look with abbot Erenbert Schrevogl, the major constructor of the abbey. The collegiate church, the emperor hall, the library, the fish tanks and the art collection with the Tassilo chalice, being the most impressing elements of the facility, are widely known. In the middle of the 18th century, the so-called “mathematic tower” as a place for scientific research was built. The tower served as an observatory and included a weather station valuable up to the present day. This year the abbey will celebrate its 1240 year’s anniversary with a unique garden exhibition, the Upper Austrian Landesgartenschau 2017!

In the triad – abbey, market and castle – the gardens of Kremsmünster will bloom in 2017.
Three scenes transform into a harmonic garden composition with versatile horticultural and touristic attractions at the lovely alpine foothills. The yards and gardens of the abbey Kremsmünster, the park at the recultivated river “Krems” near the new designed market place as well as the palace garden of Kremsegg have been revitalized with caution and guarantee a distinctive flair.

Stift Kremsmuenster

Kremsmuenster 2017


08:30 Departure at Salzburg Congress
10:00 Guided tour at the Kremsmünster Abbey
11:30 Lunch
13:00 Visit of a horticultural show
15:00 Coffee und cake
16:00 Departure to Salzburg
17:30 p.m. Expected arrival at Salzburg Congress


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